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About Worldguru.Academy

The founder of Worldguru.Academy spent his younger days as a professional helicopter pilot. He received his flight training from the U.S. Military during the Vietnam Era. After Army flight school he spent two years in the Republic of South Korea.

In Korea after mastering the numerous check points and landmarks through out the Buffer Zone1 a.k.a. the BZ which is set against Korea's DMZ he became a BZ Pilot enabling him to safely carryout flight missions tasked for the buffer zone. He then became a BZ Check Pilot training other pilots to safely fly along the Korean DMZ's southern border avoiding inadvertent incursions into the DMZ.

The Office! Once upon a time...the Office UH-1H

This Korean experience gave him both a love of maps, navigating, and knowing your "AO" (Area of Operations) as well as a fondness for foreign cultures. This all turned into a hobby of learning and knowing world capitals.

Knowing all the World's sovereign countries and capitals has several benefits:

  1. When you meet someone with a foreign accent that you know can't be native born, an immediate friendship bond is created when you name the person's home country's capital after they tell you what country they are from.
  2. News about foreign countries is more meaningful when you can place the country and its capital on the globe in your mind.
  3. The Internet has several excellent and fun (if you know your stuff) geography quiz sites. Learning all the countries and capitals through repetitive quizing might be possible, but why? Especially when a site like Worldguru.Academy is available to make learning easy.
  4. The Internet, jet travel, and modern means of communication have made our world a much smaller place making knowledge and mastery of the countries of all our fellow citizens of this world a means to get ahead in careers that benefit from an erudite grasp of such knowledge.
I'm sure there are more.

Worldguru.Academy follows a specific route through the world that will enable users who learn the route to be able to travel through the whole world going from one country to the next all in their mind without referencing a map or a list.

Like most acquired learning, you either use it or lose it. And, it is nice to have a means to brush the rust off and re-familiarize one's self with the subject matter, so World Guru was born. was already acquired by someone else, so the original geography site was hosted under the founder's personal domain name. With the plethora of new domain extensions arrived the perfect domain for Worldguru since, after all, it is about learning. Academy! Worldguru.Academy. Your place to truly become a Worldguru in your own right!

With the new domain name, Worldguru has received a major overhaul. Maps have all been converted to SVG. Broken links have been fixed, more images have been added, as well as a contact page where broken links or no longer hosted videos can be reported. And, the quizzes have been expanded!

Did he say QUIZZES? Yeah... quizzes. But, don't let them be the dirty word you might think they are. Make them your friend that will cement your knowledge and help you achieve real mastery with quizzes like "Can you name the countries of the world?" The fill-in-the-blank country quizzes were added just to help you Ace this quiz! It is timed with only 15 minutes allowed so there is no time to waste by referring to the map. Just sit there and zing through it all in your mind while following the serpentine route will teach you. Aced Quiz

Now, that's what Worldguru.Academy is all about!

1). Wikipedia refers to Korea's Demilitarized Zone also referred to as the DMZ as a buffer zone, and it is the buffer zone established between the two countries. The buffer zone referred to in this "About" is an additional area lying immediately south of the DMZ setup to help preclude inadvertent flight into the DMZ and possibly North Korea by disoriented pilots.

2). Special thanks and credit for the UH-1H Iroquois cockpit image goes to photographer: “[Rob Neil.Pacific Wings] @ Pixstel”. This image was acquired online and is not a picture of the founder of Worldguru.Academy and neither was the founder the photographer of this image. But, it does bring back sweet memories.

3). Attribution for globe used in Academy's logo at top of page: Earth2014shape SouthAmerica by Geodesy2000

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