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privacy policy: Worldguru.Academy


privacy policy

Worldguru.Academy is currently in Beta Testing. As such, the site is completely open and access is unrestricted. This is subject to change as future decisions and improvements to the site are made.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and should be reviewed from time to time for changes.

Worldguru.Academy currently does not require registration and logging in to use the site. As such Worldguru.Academy does not require, collect, or store users email addresses.

If any user decides to use the contact email address found on the contact page to communicate with Worldguru.Academy the email will only be used for return correspondence when it is required or desired.

At this time Worldguru.Academy does not use cookies, so no data is collected in through cookies.

Worldguru.Academy does use Google Analytics and has access to the information collected by Google Analytics. This information will be used to improve the site to better serve the site's users.

Worldguru.Academy does not share any user information it may collect with outside parties. To better understand what Google may do with data acquired through this site's use of Google Analytics you can view this page which belongs to Google.