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About Worldguru.Academy Version 3


Version 3 marks the acquiring of a dedicated domain name, Worldguru.Academy and a total redesign and conversion of all maps to SVG with careful checking of all links and a contact page where broken links or erroneous links can be reported as well as new countries and/or capital name changes that have not yet been reflected on the website.

How to use Worldguru.Academy

Worldguru.Academy is designed to make it easy to learn all the world's countries, capitals, and flags. This can seem like a daunting task, however when broken down into small managable regions that contain at most only 7 countries at a time, you can make real progress with only a small daily dosage of study.

  1. Easily select the continent of your choice to focus your study on.
    • Or, follow the specific order Worldguru.Academy is presented. Worldguru.Academy is flexible.
  2. On the Continent's page easily select the region of choice to study.
  3. Regions have a maximum of only 7 countries like the seven Stans that go from Pakistan to Kazakhstan and a minimum of 2 countries like Landlocked South America. Worldguru.Academy regions are designed to make learning and mastering the countries easy. The secret is learning in small bite size chunks at the rate you like.
  4. For those who want or need more information, Worldguru.Academy's Country page provides external links that open in their own tab and gives easy country specific access to:
    1. A Google Maps Link that takes you directly to the country of interest and lets you explore more.
    2. A link to the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, page about the country that provides a plethora of more information.
    3. A link to the CIA's "The World Factbook" for another souce of free information.
    4. A link to the TrekEarth.com page for the country of interest where you can view a multitude of photographes taken in the country by regular people who have an interest in photography or simply want to share the images they have taken with the rest of us.
    5. An embeded youTube video highlighting tourism interests. If a good tourism video was not found, then a video giving a little more insight into the country was used.
    6. Finally, a link to the country of interest Wikitravel.org page is provided where those interested in actually traveling to a country can begin their search for useful information to facilitate their travels.
      • Note: Wikitravel is very good about posting travel warnings and alerts when they exist. A prudent traveler should also check other sources like this one: travel.state.gov before beginning any trip. Some places in our world can be quite dangerous.