Wikipedia No changes were made to this image.
Skyline of Manama, Bahrain.CC BY 2.0 image by: Chris Price at Wikipedia
Source map from Wikipedia Extracted needed part from World Map, edited to meet WGA needs, and applied WGA branding.
A detailed Robinson projection SVG map of the world.Public Domain Source map by: Canuckguy and many others (see file history)

Source map from Location map of Bahrain and The country of Qatar taken from Location map of Qatar and Persian Gulf coastline taken from Location map of Saudi Arabia WGA Bahrain hover map is a compilation of the Location maps of Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Labeled details and added King Fahd Causeway. Applied WGA branding.
Original Map licenses: CC BY-SA 3.0 and CC BY 2.0The three Source maps were created by: NordNordWest
TrekEarth Portal Image: Arad FortPublic Domain
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     at Wikipedia image by: Shijaz Abdulla