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Country Map Page "Navigational" and "Resource" Links

    Internal "Navigational" Link Locations are numbered in large cyan numbers found on the image below this list:

  1. Home
    • returns you to the Home Page where you are able to quickly navigate to any desired continent.
    • Any custom country map page is only 4 clicks away going through the Home button.
  2. Region Identifier
    • returns you to the Region page that the country is a part of.
  3. Next Country Arrow
    • navigates you to the country page that follows in sequence the current country page.
    • NOTE: this will cross regions if you are at the last country in the current region.
external link location reference

    External "Resource" Link Locations are numbered in large red numbers found on the image above this list:

  1. Wikipedaalso has a horizontal menu button
    • access by clicking the location globe in upper right hand corner.
  2. Horizontal Menu Buttons:
    1. Google Maps ~ opens centered on the country
      • access by clicking the horizontal menu item labeled "Google Maps"
    2. Wikipedia's page for the country
      • access by clicking the horizontal menu item labeled "Wikipedia"
    3. the CIA's World Factbook page for the country
      • access by clicking the horizontal menu item labeled "World Factbook"
    4. Trek Earth page for the country
      • access by clicking the horizontal menu item labeled "Trek Earth"
    5. Wiki Travel page for the country
      • access by clicking the horizontal menu item labeled "Wikitravel"
  3. CIA's World Factbookalso has a horizontal menu button
    • access by clicking the country's flag.
  4. Portal to Trek Earthalso has a horizontal menu button
    • a photography site where "in country" images can be found.
    • access by clicking the country's Visit Trek Earth Picture.
  5. YouTube video of interest. Most often a tourism video for the country.
    • access by clicking the play triangle on the embedded youTube image.
  6. Wikitravelalso has a horizontal menu button
    • Where you can begin your quest for travel information.
    • access by clicking the map of the country.

Criteria for inclusion in Worldguru Academy's list of recognized countries :

  1. Countries have to be recognized as sovereign by the majority of other sovereign countries.
  2. Countries have to have definable and recognizable borders.
  3. Countries have to have control of the territory they claim as their country.
NOTE: Definitions as to what constitutes a soverign country vary. Worldguru.Academy is open to hearing your opinion if you wish to share it; send Worldguru Academy an emailaddress found on Worldguru Academy's "contact page". NOTE: Worldguru Academy is under no obligation to accept or acknowledge it. Posting a link to the country's wikipedia page, world factbook page, or other notable source can be beneficial in helping Worldguru make a decision to include or remove any entries as countries on the Worldguru.Academy website.

Some countries bridge continents such as Russia which is in Asia and also Europe. Other countries are considered to be in more than one Region, such as Egypt which is certainly a Mediteranean African country but is also considered part of the Middle East. Also, Cyprus is a member nation of the European Union yet is considered both European and Middle Eastern. These are just some examples of countries that can and are considered a part of more than just what Worldguru Academy designates them as.

Worldguru Academy's main purpose is to help it's users quickly and easily master the world's countries and their capitals. So while in the past World Guru has included countries more than once, Worldguru will only include countries in the first continent/region it is found on the Worldguru.Academy website. Also, please see the Regions "About" page for more information about the Worldguru Academy disignated regions.

Countries have come and gone throughtout history. Sometimes this involves a simple name change, e.g. Burma became Myanmar.
In 1989, the military government officially changed the English translations of many names dating back to Burma's colonial period or earlier, including that of the country itself: "Burma" became "Myanmar". ref: Wikipedia ~ Myanmar Etymology

Worldguru Academy attempts to stay current with the most recent recognized country designations. If you determine an error, you are welcome and encouraged to use the contact form to bring it to the attention of Worldguru Academy. Worldguru Academy is under no obligaton to agree with the perceived error and is neither obligated to make a correction.

Worldguru Academy provides direct links on each individual country's page to Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook. If you desire, require, and/or need more information other than a basic knowledge of a country's capital and flag you are encouraged to use these other sources to acquire and verify your information. Things do change in the world and neither is there total agreement among the world's denizens on everything.

With all that said, Worldguru Academy should give anyone who diligently uses it a great foundation about all the world's countries from which to build a more indepth knowledge base if one is either desired or needed.

1). Attribution for globe used in Academy's logo at top of page: Earth2014shape SouthAmerica by Geodesy2000

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