Wikipedia Image flipped horizontally, and image cropped and sized for banner use by Worldguru.Academy
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A caravan crossing Ad Dahna desert in central Saudi Arabia.License: image by: Mohammad Nowfalat Wikipedia
Source map from Wikipedia map cropped, changed water color, changed country color, labeled features, applied WGA branding.
Source map was a detailed Robinson-projection of the world SVG map ...License: Public Domain source map by: Canuckguy
image/svg+xml Mediterranean Middle East Arabian Sea Persian Gulf Red Sea Gulf of Aden Bahrain Qatar United Arab Emirates Oman Yemen Saudi Arabia Jordan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Manama, Bahrain  Doha, Qatar  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  Muscat, Oman Sana'a, Yemen    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Amman, Jordan  Iraq Iran Egypt Sudan Eritrea Ethiopia Somalia www.Worldguru.Academy The Arabian Peninsula
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