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Leaving traces on soft sand dunes in Tadrart Acacus a desert area in western Libya, part of the Sahara.License: CC BY-SA 2.5 image by: Luca Galuzzi www.galuzzi.itat Wikipedia
Source map from Wikipedia map cropped, changed water color, changed country color, labeled features, applied WGA branding.
Source map was a detailed Robinson-projection of the world SVG map ...License: Public Domain source map by: Canuckguy
Saharan Africa Africa Mediterranean Africa Horn of Africa Africa's Armpit Gold Coast of Africa Red Sea Gulf of Aden Atlantic Ocean Egypt Libya Algeria Nigeria Ethiopia Eritrea Mauritania Mali Niger Chad Sudan Heart of Africa 1 2 3 4 5 Nouakchott, Mauritania   Bamako, Mali   Niamey, Niger    N'Djamena, Chad  Khartoum, Sudan Saharan Africa www.Worldguru.Academy
  1. Countries
    • Capital

  1. Mauritania
    • Nouakchott
    • Flag of Mauritania
  2. Mali
    • Bamako
    • Flag of Mali
  3. Niger
    • Niamey
    • Flag of Niger
  4. Chad
    • N'Djamena
    • Flag of Chad
  5. Sudan
    • Khartoum
    • Flag of Sudan
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