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About Worldguru.Academy's Regions!

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  1. Study Section
    • This is the most important part of the whole website!
      • It is where you Study the country's name, its capital's name, and its flag in sequence in its region as they flow along the unique route Worldguru.Academy follows through the world.
    • How many countries the region contains is listed at the top of this section.
    • Then, each country, capital, and its flag is shown in sequencial order for the Region.
    • This section scrolls whenever a region contains more than three countries.
    • Clicking on a country's flag takes you to its "Country Page".
  2. Region Map
    • Shows the location of each country in the region.
    • Clicking on a country's name in the Region takes you to its "Country Page".
    • You can also navigate to the next region by clicking the "exit arrow" found on each region map.
  3. Horizontal Menu Country List
    • Hovering over the "Countries" button causes a dropdown list of all the region's countries.
    • Clicking on any country listed takes you to its "Country Page".
  4. Horizontal Menu Quiz List
    • Hovering over the "Quiz" button causes a dropdown list that lets you select the type of quiz you want to take.
      • Multiple Choice
        • The easiest of all quizzes.
      • Country fill in the blank
        • This quiz shows the capital and has you type the country name.
        • This quiz is useful to prepare you for quizzes like Sporcle's Can you name the countries of the world? quiz.
        • Also, learning Worldguru Academy's specific route through the world makes it easy to avoid haphazardly leaving a country out which is easy to do in this particular Sporcle quiz.
          • The Sporcle Quiz is also timed, so proceeding upon a specific route increases your chances of making the time limit.
      • Capital fill in the blank
        • Multiple Choice is easy, but when you can actually type a country or capital's name, you can have high confidence that you are really mastering your learning.
      • Flag Quiz
        • This quiz shows the country's flag and provides a text box for you to type the country's name.
        • This quiz was added for those that also like knowing a nation's flag.
      • About the Quizzes
        • Provides a popup message that touts the importance of quizzes for mastering your learning.
  5. Next Region Arrow
    • Clicking this arrow navigates you to the next region along Worldguru Academy's route through the world.
    • A second "Next Region Arrow" is also located at the bottom of section 1 for convenience.
  6. The Region's Continent
    • Shows which continent a region is located in.
    • Clicking this takes you to the "Continent Page" where any of its regions can be selected.
  7. Home
    • Clicking this returns you to the Home Page where you are able to quickly navigate to any desired continent, then to any desired region.
  8. howjsay
    • Is an excellent English Pronunciation site.
    • Clicking this opens HowJsay.com with all the regions countries and capitals in a queue that displays on a page and provides the pronunciation when you mouse over any of the countries or capitals.
    • This is invaluable when learning a place for the first time.
    • Unfortunately, HowJsay does not cover all places, e.g. Ngerulmud the capital of Palau.
      • In such cases Worldguru.Academy has placed a pronunciation link beside the capital's name found in Section 1 described above.

Worldguru Academy divides the world into a total of only 41 Regions.

The regions Worldguru Academy uses are designed to facilitate learning their countries and capitals by sharing a common trait, e.g. "Micro Europe" are Europe's tiny countries. "The Stans" are all the countries that end in "Stan". Focusing on and mastering just one region at a time is the secret to learning the whole world.

NOTE: Malta is listed in Wikipedia as one of Europe's micro nations, but it is also an Island Nation. So, Malta is listed in Europe's Island Nations region.

NOTE: Russia is a huge country that spans both Europe and Asia. The majority of Russia lies in Asia so it is included in Asia's "Northeast Asia" region. Turkey is also a country that is both European and Asian. It is listed in Asia's "Mediterranean Middle East" region. Egypt is considered a Middle Eastern country, however it is clearly part of the African continent. So, it is listed in Africa's "Mediterranean Africa" region. Cyprus is in the European Union and as this note from wikipedia states:Cyprus is approximate to Anatolia (Asia Minor), which comprises the bulk of Turkey, but it may be considered to be in Asia and/or Europe, which together constitute Eurasia. It is listed, like Turkey, in Asia's "Mediterranean Middle East" region.

The primary purpose of Worldguru Academy is to help you learn all the world's countries and capitals; not the nuances pointed out in the notes above. Therefore each country is only listed once in the region Worldguru Academy has chosen to place it in to facilitate leaarning it and its capital. In order to keep things simple and facilitate learning the countries and their capitals, nuances and esoteric facts are left for an individuals own self study and research if anyone has a need or desire for expanded knowledge beyond simply knowing a country and its capital. Each individual country page does provide a link to Wikipedia and the CIA's World Factbook for those who need or desire to know more.