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Africa's Countries Quiz

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  1. Bangui
  2. Port Louis
  3. Abuja
  4. Rabat
  5. Maseru
  6. Bujumbura
  7. Freetown
  8. Banjul
  9. Moroni
  10. Gaborone
  11. Djibouti
  12. Conakry
  13. Porto-Novo
  14. Cairo
  15. Dodoma
  16. Mbabane
  17. Dakar
  18. Yamoussoukro
  19. Tripoli
  20. Malabo
  21. Algiers
  22. Mogadishu
  23. Sao Tome
  24. Brazzaville
  25. Ouagadougou
  26. Niamey
  27. Addis Ababa
  28. Lilongwe
  29. Khartoum
  30. Maputo
  31. Bamako
  32. Harare
  33. Nouakchott
  34. N'Djamena
  35. Libreville
  36. Tunis
  37. Lusaka
  38. Monrovia
  39. Lome
  40. Luanda
  41. Windhoek
  42. Bissau
  43. Antananarivo
  44. Accra
  45. Yaounde
  46. Asmara
  47. Pretoria
  48. Praia
  49. Nairobi
  50. Kinshasa
  51. Kigali
  52. Kampala
  53. Juba
  54. Victoria
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Africa Details
Africa Details

The 6 Global Area Pages are at the 2nd LevelTier 2 of the Site Pyramid!

Global Area #6 "Africa"

Africa has 54 Sovereign Countries Spread Across 12 Regions

Pie Chart showing Africa's percentage slice of the World's Sovereign Countries

Africa has the largest number of sovereign countries and is the global area divided into the most Worldguru Academy regions with 54 countries and 12 regions. Africa is home to the World's newest country; South Sudan. Africa is also home to the country with the most recent name change; eSwatini which used to be Swaziland. The absolute monarch was tired of people outside of Africa confusing Swaziland with Switzerland which prompted the name change. More information about eSwatini's name change can be found in this National Geographic news article.

For Worldguru Academy's purposes, Africa is divided into twelve regions:

  1. Mediterranean Africa
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  2. Saharan Africa
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  3. The Heart of Africa
    • containing 2 sovereign countries
  4. Horn of Africa
    • containing 4 sovereign countries
  5. Equatorial Africa
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  6. Africa's Armpit
    • containing 3 sovereign countries
  7. Gold Coast of Africa
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  8. Africa's Western Coast
    • containing 6 sovereign countries
  9. African Island Nations
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  10. Sub Equatorial Africa
    • containing 6 sovereign countries
  11. Just Above South Africa
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  12. South Africa & the Big Island
    • containing 4 sovereign countries

Global Area Header:

1 Global Area Location Globe #1 details.

#1: Solely used to identify the current global area.

2 Global Area Location Globe #2 details.

#2 Located at the far right of the global area theme image is a clickable globe And, will transport you to the next "Global Area" along Worldguru Academy's Route thru the World.

3 Horizontal Menu #3 details.

#3 Is the Global Area page's "Horizontal Menu" containing 4 menu items:

from left to right:

  1. The Ubiquitous "Home" button
    • Clicking "Home" returns you to Worldguru Academy's "Home Page" where you can easily navigate to any of the 6 Global Areas containing sovereign countries.
  2. "Regions" button
    • Hovering over the "Regions" button produces a drop down menu that provides an alternative means of selecting the desired region you wish to study contained in the global area.
  3. "Route Visualization Tool" button
    • Every "Global Area" SVG map has a subtle depiction of Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" as it traverses each global area. The "Route Visualization Tool" removes all subtlety from the route and the country locations along it.
  4. "Quiz" button
    • Hovering over the "Quiz" button produces a drop down menu that lets you select 1 of 3 quizzes or find out about the quizzes.

Just above the "Horizontal Menu" you will find navigation "breadcrumbs" which indicate your current location as well as provide an alternative means of navigating to other parts of the site.

Global Area SVG Map:

Africa's SVG Global Area Map!

Oceania -> Asia -> Europe -> North America -> South America -> Africa

Route Visualization Tool

The "Route Visualization Tool" accessed through the "Horizontal Menu" shows the "Route thru the World" depicted in an obvious manner with numbered circles over each country's capital. When a numbered circle is moused over the name of the capital followed by the name of the country belonging to the circled location is displayed.