Region Details

Worldguru Academy's Region Pages are arguably the most important pages on the website for the primary goal of learning all the World's sovereign countries and their capitals!

The Region Pages are located on "Tier 3" of the site's navigational pyramid:

Navigating to a specific region page using tier 1 followed by tier 2 is easy once you get the hang of it. However, site navigation can seem daunting to some before they get the hang of it.

This page now makes all of Worldguru Academy's regional pages easily "list accessible" without having to understand and use the navigational pyramid!

1). Benefits of Accessing the Regions thru the List
  1. You can click the desired region on the list to directly open that region page.
  2. Visited Link / Unvisited Link
    • Link coloring allows you to easily keep track of what you have studied and what is waiting to be studied!
    • The above "Regions of Europe" image shows that the last five regions are still waiting to be studied, while the first four European regions have at least been looked at.
    • NOTE: to get maximum utilization of the colored links for tracking your progress, you may need to be familiar with how to clear your browser's browsing data.
        1a). Chrome Browser how-to
      • For those who use the Google Chrome browser "Clear Browsing Data..." is found on the drop-down menu found under "Chrome" :
      • Time Range found on the popup form can be used effectively depending on your needs:

        • For instance, say you explored Worldguru Academy in the distant past and now you find the majority of the region links are shown as visited, but you would like a clean slate. If the time range is set to "Last hour" the visited links will not revert back to unvisited. You may have to select "all time":
2). How to Get the Most out of the Regional Pages
  1. Follow the route!
  2. Focus on only one region at a time!
  3. Throughly Master the current region before moving on!
  4. Master Pronunciation!
    • Learn to pronounce each country and capital correctly!
    • Each of the 41 Regional Pages has a "Pronunciation" link in the center of the horizontal menu.
      • The "Pronunciation" link opens Google Translate in a new window with each capital and country of the region listed.
      • Click the speaker icon below the list to hear Google Translate pronounce each capital, country pair.
      • Simply close the new window when you are done to return to the Region Page.
  5. The Quizzes are your friend!
    1. Multiple Choice
    2. Countryfill in the blank
      • You are provided with the capital and are to fill in the blank with the Country
    3. Capitalfill in the blank
      • You are provided with the country and are to fill in the blank with the Capital
    4. Flag Quiz
      • This is added as a bonus for those interested in learning flags.
      • It can be overwhelming attempting to learn the flags along with the countries and capitals, so it is often better to save flags for later.
      • The Flag Quiz shows the country's flag and you are to fill in the blank with the Country.
      • Note: the quizzes provide excellent feedback when you miss an answer making it easy to see where you erred. So, don't be afraid of making a mistake. But, you should do a region's quizzes until you can do them flawlessly and only then move on to the next region along the route.
3). Effective Method for Learning Sovereign Countries and their Capitals

The novel "Route Method" Worldguru Academy uses is part of the secret that makes it so effective for learning all the World's sovereign countries and capitals.

The other part that makes Worldguru Academy effective is the division of the route into small, memorable regions! A few examples:

  1. The Stans
    • All the sovereign countries that end in the "stan" suffix.
      • Pakistan
      • Afghanistan
      • Turkmenistan
      • etc.
  2. Micro Europe
    • These are a small handful of super small nation states.
    • They are so small that one of the micro countries is wholly contained within the confines of another nation's capital city.
      • On an interesting note: This is the only location where Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" crosses itself! The route may pass close to itself at several places with with the closest being where it exits and enters the Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibraltar.

While learning the whole world can seem quite daunting, region sizes are kept small on purpose making the learning of any given region easy.

There are only 4 regions with the maximum of 7 countries, and only 3 regions with the minimum of 2 countries. All the rest are somewhere in-between 7 & 2.

Learn just one region at a time, and before you know it you will know them all!

Worldguru Academy Regionslist accessible

    Regions of Oceania3 total

    1. Micronesia r15 countries
    2. Polynesia & Australasia r25 countries
    3. Melanesia r34 countries

    Regions of Asia8 total

    1. Southeast Asia Islands r47 countries
    2. Southeast Asia Mainland r55 countries
    3. Indian Subcontinent r66 countries
    4. The Stans r77 countries
    5. Northeast Asia r86 countries
    6. Upper Middle East r96 countries
    7. The Arabian Peninsula r107 countries
    8. Mediterranean Middle East r115 countries

    Regions of Europe9 total

    1. Southeastern Europe r125 countries
    2. Eastern Europe r136 countries
    3. Northern Europe r144 countries
    4. Central Europe r156 countries
    5. Adriatic Sea Countries r165 countries
    6. Southern Europe r174 countries
    7. Western Europe r185 countries
    8. Micro Europe r195 countries
    9. European Island Nations r204 countries

    Regions of North America5 total

    1. North American Union r213 countries
    2. Central America r227 countries
    3. The Greater Antilles & The Bahamas r235 countries
    4. Lesser Antilles Leeward Islands r243 countries
    5. Lesser Antilles Windward Islands r255 countries

    Regions of South America4 total

    1. Caribbean South America r262 countries
    2. Pacific South America r273 countries
    3. Landlocked South America r282 countries
    4. Atlantic South America r295 countries

    Regions of Africa12 total

    1. Mediterranean Africa r305 countries
    2. Saharan Africa r315 countries
    3. The Heart of Africa r322 countries
    4. Horn of Africa r334 countries
    5. Equatorial Africa r345 countries
    6. Africa's Armpit r353 countries
    7. Gold Coast of Africa r365 countries
    8. Africa's Western Coast r376 countries
    9. African Island Nations r385 countries
    10. Sub Equatorial Africa r396 countries
    11. Just Above South Africa r404 countries
    12. South Africa & the Big Island r414 countries