Wikipedia image cropped and sized for banner use by Worldguru.Academy
Sunrise on the Tatamailau.CC BY-SA 4.0 image by: Isabel Nolasco at Wikipedia
Source map from Wikipedia and File:CIA-TimorLeste.jpg Combined pieces from the two maps, Cropped and removed all map text from File:CIA-TimorLeste.jpg and removed district boundaries from the other map, used to convert the CIA raster map to SVG, colored ocean and islands, labeled water and capital, extracted the better quality svg data of East Timor from User:NordNordWest map and overlaid the CIA map, and applied WGA branding.
Map of East Timor (Timor-Leste).GNU Free Documentation License and Public Domain Source maps by: NordNordWest and the CIA
East Timor
TrekEarth Portal Image: An East Timorese in traditional dress.CC BY 2.0