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Beautiful sunset over the Amazon river near Leticia, Colombia.License: CC BY-SA 2.0 image by: Pedro Szekely from Los Angeles, USAat Wikipedia
Source map from Wikipedia map cropped, changed water color, changed country color, labeled features, applied WGA branding.
A detailed Robinson projection SVG map with grouping enabled to connect all non-contiguous parts of a country's territory for easy colouring.License: Public Domain source map by: Canuckguy
Equator North Pacific Ocean North Atlantic Ocean Caribbean Sea 1 Caribbean South America 2 Pacific Coast South America 3 Landlocked 4 Atlantic Coast Countries of South America French Guiana Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica Barbados Grenada Tobago Trinidad Panama Nicaragua Costa Rica French Guiana Brazil Peru Ecuador Guyana Suriname Venezuela Colombia Pacific South America 1 2 Caracas, Venezuela  Bogota, Colombia  Caribbean South America www.Worldguru.Academy
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  1. Venezuela?
  2. Colombia?

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