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Oceania Details
Oceania Details

The 6 Global Area Pages are at the 2nd LevelTier 2 of the Site Pyramid!

Global Area #1 "Oceania"

Oceania has 14 Sovereign Countries Spread Across 3 Regions

Pie Chart showing Oceania's percentage slice of the World's Sovereign Countries

While Oceania contains the continent and country of Australia, it is the only "Global Area" that is not a continent. Continents lend themselves to be a good container for grouping countries within their bounds. Only two continents are not good containers for grouping countries. One is Australia because it is both a continent and a country and contains no other countries besides itself. The other is Antarctica because while it is a continent there are no sovereign countries contained within its bounds.

For Worldguru Academy's purposes, Oceania is divided into three regions:

  1. Micronesia
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  2. Polynesia
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
    • Map of Polynesia Polynesian Sovereign Countries in Red:
      map of Polynesia
    • Note: While Australia is not actually a Polynesian country, it has been spliced to Worldguru Academy's Polynesia region grouping to avoid leaving it placed all alone.
      • This grouping works well for Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" memory technique.
  3. Melanesia
    • containing 4 sovereign countries

Australasia is also a region of Oceania, however for Worldguru Academy's however

Global Area Header:

1 Global Area Location Globe #1 details.

#1: Solely used to identify the current global area.

2 Global Area Location Globe #2 details.

#2 Located at the far right of the global area theme image is a clickable globe And, will transport you to the next "Global Area" along Worldguru Academy's Route thru the World.

3 Horizontal Menu #3 details.

#3 Is the Global Area page's "Horizontal Menu" containing 4 menu items:

from left to right:

  1. The Ubiquitous "Home" button
    • Clicking "Home" returns you to Worldguru Academy's "Home Page" where you can easily navigate to any of the 6 Global Areas containing sovereign countries.
  2. "Regions" button
    • Hovering over the "Regions" button produces a drop down menu that provides an alternative means of selecting the desired region you wish to study contained in the global area.
  3. "Route Visualization Tool" button
    • Every "Global Area" SVG map has a subtle depiction of Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" as it traverses each global area. The "Route Visualization Tool" removes all subtlety from the route and the country locations along it.
  4. "Quiz" button
    • Hovering over the "Quiz" button produces a drop down menu that lets you select 1 of 3 quizzes or find out about the quizzes.

Just above the "Horizontal Menu" you will find navigation "breadcrumbs" which indicate your current location as well as provide an alternative means of navigating to other parts of the site.

Global Area SVG Map:

Oceania's SVG Global Area Map!

Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" Global Area Position

Oceania -> Asia -> Europe -> North America -> South America -> Africa

Oceania is the first global area along Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World". Oceania contains 14 sovereign countries divided among 3 regions.

Oceania's 3 regions are: Micronesia -> Polynesia -> & Melanesia.

Oceania contains the country continent of Australia which has been spliced to Worldguru Academy's Polynesia region, but is not actually a part of what is commonly known as Oceania's subregion of Polynesia. While Worldguru Academy's primary purpose is to facilitate the learning of all the World's sovereign countries and their capitals by common groupings that share some trait such as all the sovereign countries that end in the suffix "stan", Worldguru Academy attempts to use and replicate existing regions as they are commonly known when they facilitate the academy's primary purpose.

A parachute is shown dropping into Micronesia's western side where Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" begins. Each region has a subtle tracing shown as a dashed line as the route travels through it. It is good to take a moment and notice how the route travels through each region and its connection with the next:

  1. Micronesia sits at the top of Oceania surrounded by a lime green border and is elongated along an East/West axis. The route through Micronesia is depicted by a dashed line colored "magenta" and is drawn from capital city to capital city of each of Micronesia's sovereign countries. Where the route exits Micronesia a transitional arrow depicts the change of regions.

    The 5 sovereign countries of Oceania's Micronesia in the order they are visited by Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" are:

    1. Palau
    2. Federated States of Micronesia
    3. Marshall Islands
    4. Nauru
    5. Kiribati

    Worldguru Academy's 41 regional SVG maps have each country labeled. Clicking a region depicted on the Global Area SVG map opens the regional SVG map for the region clicked.

  2. map of PolynesiaPolynesia is the second region in Oceania that Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" visits and is surrounded by a cyan border. The route through Polynesia is depicted by a yellow dashed line that is also drawn through each of Polynesia's 4 sovereign capital cities. As discussed above Australia has been spliced into Worldguru Academy's Polynesia region which differs from the Oceania subregion "Polynesia" which can be viewed by mousing over the red thumbnail.

    The route through Polynesia can be thought of as "trickling down" through the region from North to South until the route departs the 4th country and heads in a west, northwest direction to Australia's capital before the region's departure arrow indicating the direction the route departs Canberra.

    The 5 sovereign countries of Oceania's Polynesia in the order they are visited by Worldguru Academy's "Route thru the World" are:

    1. Tuvalu
    2. Samoa
    3. Tonga
    4. New Zealand
    5. Australia
      • As previously discussed, while not being a true Polynesian country Australia is spliced onto Worldguru Academy's Polynesia region to facilitate Worldguru Academy's primary purpose of facilitating learning all the World's sovereign countries and capitals.

  3. Melanesia is the third and final Worldguru Academy region of Oceania. Worldguru Academy region is emphasized because Australasia is also a region of Oceania. However with the exception of part of Papua New Guinea, Australia is the only sovereign country of Australasia which does not lend itself very well to a grouping of countries and capitals to learn. Therefore Australia was spliced onto Worldguru Academy's Polynesia region.

Route Visualization Tool

The "Route Visualization Tool" accessed through the "Horizontal Menu" shows the "Route thru the World" depicted in an obvious manner with numbered circles over each country's capital. When a numbered circle is moused over the name of the capital followed by the name of the country belonging to the circled location is displayed.