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Quivertree Forest, Bushveld.License: CC BY-SA 3.0at Wikipedia
Source map from Wikipedia map cropped, changed water color, changed country color, labeled features, applied WGA branding.
Source map was a detailed Robinson-projection of the world SVG map ...License: Public Domain source map by: Canuckguy
Namibia Botswana Zimbabwe Mozambique D.R.C. Tanzania Angola Zambia Malawi South Africa Atlantic Ocean Mozambique Channel South Africa 1 2 3 4 Windhoek, Namibia  Gaborone, Botswana   Harare, Zimbabwe  Maputo, Mozambique South Africa Just Above South Africa www.Worldguru.Academy
  1. Countries
    • Capital

  1. Namibia
    • Windhoek
    • Flag of Namibia
  2. Botswana
    • Gaborone
    • Flag of Botswana
  3. Zimbabwe
    • Harare
    • Flag of Zimbabwe
  4. Mozambique
    • Maputo
    • Flag of Mozambique
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