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NorthAmerica's Countries Quiz

    • Spell Its Country
  1. Ottawa
  2. Basseterre
  3. Tegucigalpa
  4. Port-au-Prince
  5. Santo Domingo
  6. San Jose
  7. Washington DC
  8. Kingstown
  9. Saint George's
  10. Managua
  11. Bridgetown
  12. Nassau
  13. Castries
  14. Saint John's
  15. Port of Spain
  16. Roseau
  17. San Salvador
  18. Kingston
  19. Belmopan
  20. Guatemala City
  21. Panama City
  22. Havana
  23. Mexico City
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NorthAmerica Details
NorthAmerica Details

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Global Area #4 "NorthAmerica"

NorthAmerica has 23 Sovereign Countries Spread Across 5 Regions

Pie Chart showing NorthAmerica's percentage slice of the World's Sovereign Countries

North America is bounded in the west by the Pacific Ocean, in the north by the Arctic Ocean, in the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the south by the Caribbean Sea and South America.

For Worldguru Academy's purposes, North America is divided into five regions:

  1. North American Union
    • containing 3 sovereign countries
  2. Central America
    • containing 7 sovereign countries
  3. the Greater Antilles & The Bahamas
    • containing 5 sovereign countries
  4. Lesser Antilles Leeward Islands
    • containing 3 sovereign countries
  5. Lesser Antilles Windward Islands
    • containing 5 sovereign countries

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Global Area SVG Map: